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Public Liability Accidents

Advice from our expert Personal Injury Solicitor, Majella Walsh

Public Liability Accidents occur all the time. When they happen in public places consideration should be given to whether a claim for personal injuries can be made.

Both public bodies and private businesses have to have public liability insurance to cover such events.
In order for your personal injury solicitor to bring a successful claim under public liability you must be able to prove that there was negligence on the part of public body or private business. The most common claims under public liability insurance are;

  • Slips, trips and falls due to dangerous footpaths, stairs, wet surfaces.
  • Struck by falling objects.
  • Injury due to concealed sharp object or unexpected obstruction.
  • Property damage.

Tips When a Public Liability Accident Has Occurred

Take photos of where the accident took place, take the name and address of any witnesses or passers-by who came to your assistance so that your solicitor can contact them to provide evidence. Take details of any persons or company vehicles working in the area where you had the accident.

What can also be useful to record are the conditions on the day, was the weather fine and bright/dark and raining? What kind of shoes were you wearing, flat soles with grips or heels? Keep receipts for any out of pocket expenses you may be seeking back.

There are strict time limits applied to this particular type of claim so don’t delay. In order to ensure you are still well within the time limit within which to take a claim, contact our expert Personal Injury Solicitors in Cork at Halpin and Company, Solicitors on 021-425-1843 or info@halpinsolicitors.ie.

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