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Cycling and Pedestrian Accidents

Cycling and pedestrian accidents are prevalent due to the a high degree of road users. The roads are occupied by a variety of users from the heavy articulated trucks, buses, vans, cars, motorbikes, bikes and pedestrians.  In recent years the “bike to work” scheme has seen the number of cyclists on the road increase dramatically.  The number of serious injuries and fatalities suffered by cyclists have also been well documented of late.

Vulnerable Cyclists and Accidents

Cyclists and pedestrians are viewed as more vulnerable road users.  Neither are surrounded by several tonnes of metal and steel to protect them from impact.

Vulnerable road users still need to be responsible road users both for their own personal safety on the road and also that of other road users.  Both cyclists and pedestrians need to be visible, dressed correctly and be in charge of a properly equipped bike for the conditions that they are riding in.

Even taking all of the necessary precautions whilst using the road as a cyclist or pedestrian a personal injury can still occur. Given the lack of protection afforded to a cyclist or pedestrian the types of injuries suffered by them in a collision can be more severe.


Cycling Accidents and Personal Injuries

As Personal Injury Solicitors in Cork we are very aware of the fatalities and serious injuries suffered by cyclists and pedestrians involved in Road Traffic Accidents.  Thousands of cyclists are seriously injured each year on Irish roads.

What should you do if you or someone you are cycling with is involved in an accident whilst cycling.

  • Assess the situation and yourself.
  • Contact the necessary emergency services.
  • Take photos of the scene – do not move your bike or the other vehicle where possible.
  • Take the other driver’s details
  • Do not engage in the “whose at fault” game, stay calm.
  • If there is a camera attached to the front of your bike, remember to remove it and bring it with you or give it to a friend if you are going to hospital, this may be the only accurate account of what happened.

Not only can you claim for damages for the injury that has been caused to you, you can also claim for replacement equipment and any reasonable out of pocket expenses.

As Personal Injury Solicitors in Cork we have taken cases on behalf of cyclists involved in Road Traffic Accidents and are best equipped to give you the advice you need to successfully pursue a claim for personal injuries.   Get in contact with us to discuss your personal injury claim on 021-425-1843 or info@halpinsolicitors.ie.

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