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Child Injury Claims

This article details how to pursue child injury claims.

Children can be injured in much the same situations as adults. These can include:

  • Road traffic accident.
  • Cycling accident.
  • Accident at School or Crèche.
  • Accident whilst at recreational activities.

Children can even be involved in an accident at work if they are an older child. This means they have not reached 18 years of age when the work accident occurs.

Making Child Injury Claims

As the parent or guardian of an injured child you can make child injury claims in the form of a personal injury claim on their behalf, or you can wait until they are 18 and they can pursue the claim themselves.

Once a child has turned 18 they have 2 years to pursue a claim for compensation if their parent or guardian has not already done so.

A parent or guardian making a claim for compensation on behalf of an injured child (minor) is referred to as their ‘next friend’. A parent or guardian cannot be a next friend if it is possible they may be a party to the legal proceedings as a defendant or third party in their own right since their interests would clash with that of the child.

Selecting a Solicitor for your Child Injury Claims

It is important that you choose the right solicitors to handle your child’s case and essential to select one that has considerable experience in dealing with children’s claims. As personal injury solicitors in Cork, Halpin and Company Solicitors, help parents of children who have suffered an injury to ascertain whether there may be a claim for compensation. We offer parents sensible and realistic advice about their legal rights and the best way to seek redress for their child.

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In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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