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Compensation for Personal Injuries

New Compensation Regime for Personal Injuries

The Judicial Counsel Guidelines are now in force since the 24th of April 2021.

The new Guidelines are in essence a refurbished version of the book of quantum and are made up of 12 primary categories of injury. Each primary category of injury is divided again according to severity in descending order. There are a number of new categories which include:

  • Foreshortened life expectancy – Up to €550,000
  • Psychiatric damage – Up to €170,000
  • Chronic pain – Up to €95,000
  • Non facial scarring and burns – Up to €200,000
  • Damage to hair – Up to €22,000
  • Dermatitis and other skin conditions – Up to €55,00

A notable feature of the new guidelines is the level of detail provided in the Judicial Guidelines and this provides significant assistance to assess the value of your claim.

The most common form of injury is whiplash type injury arising from a fall or road traffic accident. Please see the changes in the awards for these types of injury below where the injury is deemed minor. There are also values for moderate and severe (not shown below).



Book of Quantum Values

New Judicial Guidelines

Minor neck whiplash/ soft tissue injuries

•  Up to €15,700 – substantial recovery

•  Up to €19,400 – Full recovery

Minor neck whiplash/ soft tissue injuries

•   €500 – €12,000 – range of recovery between 6 months – 2 years

Minor back injuries

•   Up to €14,800 – Soft tissue sprain type back injuries

•   Up to 18,400 – minor soft tissue back injuries

Minor back injuries

•   €500 to €20,000 for back injuries where surgery is not necessary (up to 5 years recovery)

•   €500 – €3,000 – recovery within 6 months

Soft tissue shoulder injury

•  Up to €33,500

Soft tissue shoulder injury

•   €500 – €12,000 – recovery period up to two years

Moderate shoulder injuries Moderate shoulder injuries
•  €22,000 – €66,000 – Moderate sprains
(partial tear) – full recovery expected

•  €33,000 – €70,600 – moderate injury with  with extensive treatment

•  €18,000 to €35,000

The above is an indication of the changes for minor whiplash. Under the Judicial Council Guidelines awards are set out for minor, moderate and severe injuries.

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